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Recycle Your Yard Waste

Have a stockpile of yard waste from your most recent job or project? Want to get rid of an old Christmas tree? Stockley Materials is happy to help. We offer Delaware yard waste disposal services at our conveniently placed drop off center.

Get Rid of that Waste!

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Saving our customers money is what makes Stockley Materials one of the most popular and competitively priced suppliers in the area. Be sure to check the website, the monthly "Money Mailer" coupon offerings as well as WGMD's website for a complete listing of our deals, discounts and specials!

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Mulch Facts

  • Mulch adds nutrients to the soil
  • Mulch retains moisture
  • Mulch can help control weeds
  • Mulch slows topsoil erosion
  • Mulch protects plant roots


Mulch Tips and Recommendations

  • We recommend using shredded mulch for perennials / annuals
  • If you want your blooms to stand out, use darker mulch to show off the area.
  • Try to make sure it will be dry for 24 hours after installing a dyed mulch
  • Mulch should be at least 3 inches thick to sport healthy beds


Mulching Ideas

  • Use mulch around playground equipment to help minimize impact from falls.
  • Add mulch to shady areas where plants are hard to grow.
  • Minimize weed growth by adding mulch to areas that are hard to maintain

Our mulch is high quality and available in a variety of colors! To discuss rates, quantity and shipping, contact Stockley Materials now!